Sunday, August 30, 2015

State ethics board examining Martin O'Malley's purchase of mansion furniture

An assistant attorney general asked Friday for a state ethics commission ruling on whether former Gov. Martin O'Malley's purchase of furniture from the governor's mansion violated rules regarding state-owned property.

When O'Malley and his family moved out of the mansion in January, they left with most of its taxpayer-purchased furnishings — 54 items that he bought at steep discounts because every piece had been declared "junk" by his administration.

O'Malley and his wife, Baltimore District Judge Catherine Curran O'Malley, paid $9,638 for armoires, beds, chairs, desks, lamps, mirrors, ottomans, tables and other items that originally cost taxpayers $62,000, according to documents obtained by The Baltimore Sun


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Wicomico County Assistant Director of Administration to Retire

Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver announced today that Sharon Morris, Wicomico County Assistant Director of Administration, is retiring from county service effective August 27th. Mrs. Morris has been an employee of Wicomico County since March, 1986.

Mr. Culver commented, “I am appreciative of the service rendered by Mrs. Morris to the citizens of Wicomico County and wish her well in retirement.”

This Is Why No One Wants To Run For Mayor Of Salisbury

Because Salisbury is a joke. It is a run down City perfectly conditioned for people like Jim Ireton and Jake Day. Always in turmoil, dilapidation, always loaded with crime and drugs and by golly these guys are going to be heroes and they are going to save your precious city. 

BUT WAIT, how is what they will promise you going to work? Well, it won't. Why, because every building you look at is owned by one of the Good Ol' Boys. Guys like me, well, we just sell out and get the hell out of Salisbury because people like me aren't in the Good Ol' Boy system and we get fines for little strips of grass growing in our curbs IN THE STREET in front of our buildings while the former Mayor and her husband get no fines for broken windows and entrance doors to their building. 

Heck, the former Mayor Tilghman and her husband couldn't care less what you think, (last two pictures) while they are obviously too cheap to replace simple and extremely inexpensive glass. If a window broke in my old building it was replaced that day or the very next day. There was never a need to call code and compliance. 

I told all of you years ago, "It's Your Election To Lose". A simple and quick walk around just a small part of Downtown shows that neither Jim Ireton or Jake Day actually give a crap about a better Salisbury. Looks to me like they're more interested in controlling Salisbury instead. 

Sister In Law Arrested For Trying To Have Greg Steen Killed

Greg Steen owns Steen Realty. We've been told Greg's Wife's sister is the woman who has been charged with attempted first degree murder after allegedly paying half the money up front to have him killed. Hopefully we'll see a press release on this soon. 

BREAKING NEWS: Wicomico County Acting Director of Parks & Rec Andy Wisk Resigns

BREAKING NEWS: Rick Konrad Just Retired From Wicomico County

The Director of Purchasing in Wicomico County has just resigned. 

Update On River's Edge In Salisbury

Just wanted to tell you I went into rivers edge apartments today and an African American woman came in with her housing voucher. So it wasn't a good visit and I'm over it and done. I hope they are happy with the section 8 housing tenants.

OCPD installs second license plate scanner

The Ocean City Police Department on Thursday installed the resort’s second license plate scanner, which tracks all cars entering Ocean City, with this one going in near the Route 90 bridge.

Now, every license plate entering Ocean City via Routes 50 and 90 will be scanned, that information will be checked against a database for potential violations and if one is found, a picture of the vehicle will be taken, OCPD Public Information Officer Lindsay Richard said.

Where that database is and how long that information will remain on it is unclear.

“It goes to a state agency,” Richard said. “We don’t store it. The dispatch center will get an alert, and that way we have an approximate location and a description of the vehicle.”


Maryland First State in US to Issue Guidelines on Police Profiling

Police will be banned from using race, religion, or sexual orientation as factors in making routine stops

Maryland has become the first state to adopt rules against police profiling. Police will be banned from using race, religion, or sexual orientation as factors in making routine stops, and can’t stop everyone in a neighborhood when a crime is reported.

“Police do a dangerous, difficult job, and they do it well. But experience shows that improper profiling by police does terrible damage,” said Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh while unveiling the new guidelines in a nine-page memorandum on Tuesday.

Under the rules, officers are banned from using race or ethnicity in making decisions during routine operations, investigations, and traffic stops. The guidelines also include a ban on profiling based on national origin, identity, disability, or religion.


Publishers Notes: Can you guess who's testimony this is from the above image?


Following Allison Parker’s August 26 shooting death at the hands of former station employee Vester Lee Flanagan, her father, Andy Parker, vowed to “shame politicians” into supporting more gun control.

According to Mail Online, Andy said, “I am going to do something, whatever it takes, to shame legislators about closing loopholes in background checks to make sure crazy people don’t get guns.”

But here’s problem—there are no “loopholes” in the background check system and, although Flanagan was admittedly angry and churning inside, there were no legal grounds on which to deny him a gun purchase. No one has come forward to show that he had a criminal record or an order to undergo a psychiatric evaluation or involuntary mental health treatment, so no criteria exists to deny him a gun purchase.


Thank God Its Friday 8-28-15

What will you be doing this weekend?

WDBJ Virginia Shooting: Freemason-Illuminati Media HOAX!

Major Board Of Education Issues Just Before School Starts

My name is Joel. We had a house built in a brand new neighborhood (SandyWood Estates, just off of the west side of Forest Grove Rd in Parsonsburg, MD) . Part of the reason my wife and I had the house built where we did is because not only did the realtors tell us that the neighborhood was in the Willards/Pittsville school district but the WBOE also confirmed that it was. In speaking with many of our neighbors who will soon have school age children as well as a soon to be neighbor who is currently having a house built and does have school age children, they too either in part bought or built homes in this neighborhood because of the school district. We got a letter in the mail earlier this summer from Willards Elementary informing us that our 7 year old is now enrolled into their school based on where we live. They sent us a list of the bus routes and info on how to contact the bus company who comes closest to our home (Hollaway). We then contacted Hollaway Transportation about having our child picked up for school and they informed us that they would not reroute their bus a half mile in order to pick up our child because there is a Beaver Run Bus that passes by our neighborhood. We then contacted the head of transportation at the WBOE, and he was absolutely no help. He basically told us that transportation can do that if they want. We've since left a message with his boss and have not heard back. Last night my daughter and wife went to Willards Elementary for their open house and met her home room teacher. Here it is Thursday, 08/27/15, and the first day of school is Monday, 08/31/15, and my daughter still does not have a bus that will transport her to the school that she is rightfully enrolled in based on the school district we live in. Because we seem to be getting no where with the WBOE nor Hollaway Transportation, we don't know where to turn for help with this issue.


So we were contacted by Beaver Run earlier this summer and they informed us that we are actually in the Willards/Pittsville school district. This is what we've wanted all along, it's part of the reason we built the house where we did. We received a letter from Willards accepting our daughter into the school. She is currently enrolled, has a home room teacher and a schedule. So she not currently enrolled in Beaver Run. Now transportation is trying to say that they won't reroute a bus, less than half a mile to pick her up since a Beaver Run bus already goes by our house. How can transportation dictate this when transportation is contracted to get kids to their proper schools? We've contacted the head of transportation at WBOE, he was absolutely no help. We've also left a message with his boss and have yet to hear anything back. We've spoken with our neighbors about this issue and they agree, part of the reason the built/or bought in this neighborhood is because of the Willards/Pittsville school district. They want their children to go to those schools as well. It's only 4 days until the first day of school and we plan on fighting this issue to the very end, as do our neighbors.

Pressure Mounts On Senator Cardin To Decide Iran Deal Vote

Pressure continues to mount on Maryland Senator Ben Cardin to decide which way he will vote on the Iran nuclear deal. Supporters and opponents of the deal continue to hold rallies, trying to help sway his vote.

Derek Valcourt has the messages both sides are sending.

Both sides are growing impatient as the wait for Cardin to announce where he comes down on the deal that faces strong Republican opposition.

The crowd is the latest to put pressure on Maryland Senator Ben Cardin.

“I think supporting the nuclear treaty is a step away from war and a step toward peace,” said John Barnes.


Chuck-E-Cheese in Kentucky Refuses to Serve a Police Officer With Firearm

As if no-gun policies weren’t already stupid enough, a Chuck-E-Cheese in Kentucky has just taken the cake when it comes to idiotic policies. Because they have a “no guns” policy, staff thought it made perfect sense to refuse service to a police officer carrying his weapon. Brilliant.

A Kentucky Chuck E. Cheese appears to have taken the kid-friendly chain’s “no guns” policy too far, refusing to serve a police officer who entered the restaurant with a firearm.

The gun-toting officer encountered the problem at the Chuck E. Cheese in the Greenwood Mall in the city of Bowling Green, prompting outrage from some people, including a sheriff from a neighboring jurisdiction, WBKO-TV reported Friday.

“I was upset,” Edmonson County Sheriff Shane Doyle told the station. “I was shocked for that officer and also for all the patrons there because you know if you have an obvious police officer and they’re wearing police clothing, then I don’t understand what the problem would be having someone like that with the training and experience of a police officer [coming] into an establishment.”

Chuck E. Cheese’s national headquarters called the situation an unfortunate misunderstanding.


PETA Wants Pennsylvania to Erect a Grave Marker Where Pigs Died in Highway Crash

On August 17, a tractor-trailer hauling pigs overturned on Route 30 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, killing several pigs. Now animal rights group PETA is demanding that state officials erect a grave marker to memorialize the lives of the pigs at the site of the crash.

The truck was reportedly carrying some 80 pigs to market but several were euthanized because of the accident.

Animal rights group People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is demanding that the state of Pennsylvania “erect a 5-foot tombstone” on the side of the highway next to the site where the accident occurred.

The PETA press release said that Pennsylvania has a responsibility to push the PETA ideology. The group said the state must memorialize the “terrified animals” that died in the crash in order to “give motorists food for thought by calling on caring people to spare pigs the terrifying journey to slaughter by going vegan.”

“This memorial is intended to remind tractor-trailer drivers of their responsibility to the thousands of animals they carry to their deaths every year,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA hopes to encourage motorists to help make roads safer for everyone by choosing healthy vegan foods and eliminating this dangerous and frightening trip entirely.”

Here’s a question: when will PETA bother itself with memorials to humans killed in highway crashes? But then, PETA believes that animals are more valuable than people, don’t they?


Killer of Virginia News Crew Said He Killed White People to Try and Start Race War

It has now been revealed that the murderer of two Virginia TV reporters said he killed white people as part of a race war and in response to the killings of black people in a Charleston church last month.

The killer, Vester Lee Flanagan, faxed a rambling 23-page letter to ABC in New York explaining his actions. In his letter he admitted that he wanted a race war and that he was killing for racial reasons.

“Why did I do it? I put down a deposit for a gun on 6/19/15. The Church shooting in Charleston happened on 6/17/15…”

“What sent me over the top was the church shooting. And my hollow point bullets have the victims’ initials on them.”

It is unclear whose initials he is referring to. He continues, “As for Dylann Roof? You (deleted)! You want a race war (deleted)? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE …(deleted)!!!” He said Jehovah spoke to him, telling him to act.

Later in the manifesto, the writer quotes the Virginia Tech mass killer, Seung Hui Cho, calls him “his boy,” and expresses admiration for the Columbine High School killers. “Also, I was influenced by Seung–Hui Cho. That’s my boy right there. He got NEARLY double the amount that Eric Harris and Dylann Klebold got…just sayin.'”

This was a hate crime, folks.


Limbaugh: Media conflicted since TV shooter is black

Radio host Rush Limbaugh said the national news media will be conflicted in their reporting on Wednesday’s slaughter of a Virginia news crew live on the air because the shooter was reportedly a black man, and his victims were white.

The shooter has been identified as Vester Flanagan, 41, who also went by the professional name of Bryce Williams. The victims are reporter Alison Parker, 24, and photographer Adam Ward, 27, who were gunned down during a live broadcast from the Bridgewater Plaza in Moneta, Virginia.

“A reporter of color is the shooter. Now there’s a conflict. Now what do they (the media) do?” asked Limbaugh on his national broadcast Wednesday. “If you take out the color [of the individuals involved] … you might not even hear about it.”

Baltimore Police Officer Arrested In OC This Morning

Officer suspended after arrestOn August 26, 2015 the Baltimore Police Department was informed by the Ocean City Police...
Posted by Baltimore Police Department on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Alleged Suspect Tweets His Own Videos Of Live Newscast Shooting

The alleged suspect in the shooting death of two Virginia journalists on Wednesday morning began publishing what appear to be his own videos of the shooting.

Authorities identified the suspect as Vester Lee Flanagan, who also goes by Bryce Williams, to Richmond television station WWBT. Flanagan allegedly set up a Twitter account as Bryce Williams.

The suspect in the shooting shot himself on I-66 in Faquier County, Virginia, on Wednesday morning, state police told WDBJ. There were conflicting reports about whether Flanagan died. The latest from WDBJ indicates that he did not die.



In a case regarding a specific gun control law which bans “unauthorized aliens” (illegal immigrants) from possessing firearms in the United States, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit did the work of a contortionist by upholding the law while also pointing out that they “see no principled way to carve out the Second Amendment and say that the unauthorized (or maybe all noncitizens) are excluded.”

In a word—illegal immigrants have Second Amendment rights too.

The case was titled United States v. Meza-Rodriguez, and the decision was handed down on August 20.

The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel reports that the decision was written by Judge Diane Wood “for a panel that included Judges Frank Easterbrook and Joel Flaum.”


Two suicides are linked to Ashley Madison leak

Texas police chief takes his own life just days after his email is leaked in cheating website hack

Two people have taken their own lives after their details were leaked by the Ashley Madison hackers, it was disclosed today.

Captain Michael Gorhum, who served for 25 years with the San Antonio Police Department in Texas, was named as one of the suicide victims.

And at a press conference on Monday, Canadian police confirmed a second suicide of a person also believed to have been using the extramarital affairs website.

Police are investigating if the deaths are as a direct result of the leak of Ashley Madison users.


Man suspected of fatally shooting 2 journalists in Moneta, Va. has committed suicide

MONETA, Va. (WSET/AP/WJLA) — The man suspected of fatally shooting 2 journalists in Moneta, Va. has committed suicide, WDBJ reports.

A television reporter and cameraman were shot to death on the air during a live broadcast at Bridgewater Plaza in Moneta, Virginia Wednesday morning.

The Augusta County Sheriff's Department tells ABC 7 that the shooting suspect has been identified as Vester Lee Flanagan, 41, of Roanoke.


EDITORS NOTE:  It is now being reported that he is not dead but in critical condition.  

Ted Cruz Not Happy With Question From Megyn Kelly, Says It’s What ‘Liberal Journalist’ Would Ask

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz was seemingly unhappy with a question on immigration Tuesday night from Fox News host Megyn Kelly, telling her it was something he’d expect to be asked from a “liberal journalist.”

Kelly asked the Texas senator the same question Donald Trump faced on the cable-news network Monday.

“If you have a husband and a wife who are illegal immigrants, and they had two children here who are American citizens — would you deport all of them? Would you deport the American citizen children?” she asked.


Duke Freshmen Boycott Summer Reading Due To ‘Christian Moral Beliefs’

Some incoming Christian freshmen at Duke University are boycotting a summer reading book, because they say its “graphic” illustrations depicting sex and nudity conflict with their religious beliefs.

Freshman Brian Grasso posted in the Class of 2019 Facebook page July 26 that he would not read Alison Bechdel’s “Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic,” because of its “graphic visual depictions of sexuality,” the school’s student daily Duke Chronicle reported.

“I feel as if I would have to compromise my personal Christian moral beliefs to read it,” Mr. Grasso wrote in the post, which ignited a debate among students.

Several freshmen agreed with Mr. Grasso about the graphic novel, which chronicles Ms. Bechdel’s relationship with her father and her issues with sexual identity.

Freshman Bianca D’Souza said that while the novel discussed important topics, she did not find the sexual interactions appropriate and could not bring herself to view the images depicting nudity, The Chronicle reported.

Mr. Grasso said that many students privately messaged him to thank him for standing up for Christian values, The Chronicle reported.

More here

Topless protesters take over New York and 60 other cities worldwide for 'free the nipple' campaign

Bare-chested protesters took to the streets of 60 cities around the world on Sunday as part of a campaign to 'free the nipple'.

One of the biggest events for GoTopless Day was a semi-naked parade through New York City - where officials are debating whether topless tip-seekers should be allowed in Times Square.

Rachel Jessee, an actress and model who leads the GoTopless group in NYC, explained that Sunday's topless campaigners want women to have the same right as men to go topless in public.

'Our goal is for equal gender topless rights to be enforced worldwide, freeing women's nipples,' she said.


Atheists Warn Coaches Not to 'Instill Christianity in Vulnerable Young Men'

(CNSNews) - An atheist group is demanding that publicly funded universities take immediate steps to bar Christian coaches and chaplains from "converting football fields into mission fields."

"The words of coaches and chaplains make clear that their purpose is to instill Christianity in vulnerable young men," the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) says in a new report, titled "Pray to Play."

"Public universities and their employees cannot endorse, promote, or favor religion," the report states. "Yet, many football coaches at public universities bring in chaplains -- often from their own church or even members of their own family -- to prey on and pray with students, with no regard for the rights of those students or the Constitution.

"These coaches are converting playing fields into mission fields and public universities are doing nothing to halt this breach of trust. They are failing their student athletes."

In an August 18 letter to the University of Missouri chancellor, FFRF warned of the "legal liability that the University of Missouri exposes itself to by allowing its chaplaincy to continue," adding, "it is not a matter of if but when an issue will arise from this entanglement."

More here

Orlando Int'l Airport To Open a $250,000 'Mosque' Despite Already Having an Interfaith Prayer Room

Although it already has an interfaith prayer room, the Orlando International Airport is building a new $250,000 "Reflection Room" for Muslims, a facility that should be called what it truly is, "a mosque," said Rev. Franklin Graham.

He also questioned how loud objections would be if the airport spent $250,000 on a "room exclusively for evangelical Christians."

"You won’t believe this one," said Rev. Graham in an Aug. 21post on Facebook. "A public airport in the United States spending $250,000 to open a prayer room for Muslims? Orlando International Airport is doing just that, and it’s scheduled to open September 1!"

"Let’s call this what it is—a mosque," said Rev. Graham.




“Biometric identification to match a finger scan with a personal identification number"

The grumbling in New Albany cafeterias isn’t coming from students’ stomachs. It’s from parents.

The southern Indiana school district is one of the latest to deploy technology which “biometric identification to match a finger scan with a personal identification number,” WAVE reports.

According to a notification issued by the New Albany Floyd County school system, the technology is used to “eliminate pin numbers, eliminate misused pin numbers, maintain the privacy of students on subsidized food programs and speed up the amount of time in the lunch line.”

School administrators “refused” to go on camera to discuss the new technology.

Read more

County Executive Culver Announces Fuel Savings to County

County Executive Bob Culver announced today that he has saved taxpayers approximately 4,000 gallons of fuel in the first six months of 2015 with his cost cutting measures.
Executive Culver stated: “The results are clear with the changes I have made in policy to take-home vehicles and fuel expenditures – savings for the Wicomico County taxpayers.”

Upon taking office, County Executive Culver eliminated the privilege for a County employee to take home a Wicomico County owned vehicle. The County also discussed with departments different strategies that could save fuel usage.

A Viewer Writes: Ridiclous Weeds

The city only wants to enforce rules when its profitable. When its their fault, weeds grow tall enough that they could cover signs.

Which color does Larry Hogan look better in?

Alright Maryland: time for an NFL preseason contest. Which color does Larry Hogan look better in?


Activists Want Changes To Police Officers’ Bill Of Rights

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Advocates for police accountability reforms are calling for changes to the Maryland Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights.

Civil rights and police reform activists have set a news conference Monday to criticize the number of law enforcement officials who have been scheduled to testify before a panel of state lawmakers who are considering changes to the law, compared to the number of representatives from groups that are seeking reforms.

Critics say the state’s bill of rights for law enforcement officers creates roadblocks in holding police accountable in cases of misconduct or brutality.


A Comment Worthy Of A Post 8-24-15

Anonymous said...
Joe contact P.R.M.C. the neo unit is packed with addicted babies. The fact is Salisbury probably has more addicted babies being born per capita then Baltimore or New York.

Why are we as a society sitting back and doing nothing. I know liberals do not want these mother arrested because they fear harm to the child on a emotional level after birth. They also fear the women will do harm to the fetus if they will come back postive for narcotics.

I say the damage is already done. It is a law and should be enforced. Maybe our State's Attorney can shed some light as to this liberal agenda.

These babies are born sick and at times with severe mental illness. Does this child not have rights. It is barbaric that we allow children not right to a quality life. If more women went to jail for using while pregnant I can assure you the numbers would drop. It is like calling Black on Black murders a social crime. The Liberal left makes me sick. No more excuses for law breakers and child abusers.

Enough is enough

Was the Civil War About Slavery?

Why a Virginia principal refuses to take down her school’s Confederate flags

As students entered Hurley High School in Hurley, Va., for the first day of classes this week, they passed through a set of bright red doors on which the Confederate battle flag is boldly painted.

Once inside, they encountered decorative battle flags throughout the building, from the walls of the school’s main office to the equipment in the weight room to center court in the school gym, according to USA Today.

If those students were members of the the Hurley Rebels football team, they wore helmets at practice featuring an image of the flag flying from a saber, the paper reported.


As Hillary implodes, the Democrats have no real Plan B

The summer has not been kind to Hillary Clinton. The drip-drip-drip of revelations about her possible misuse and mishandling of classified information threatens to become a deluge in the fall. They have taken a serious toll on her reputation — and even more notably, her treatment by liberal media figures who surely would rather she be elected even if the Risen Christ were to be the Republican nominee.

Democrats are worried — so worried five donors who raised millions for President Obama as well as Obama’s chief Florida strategist have both sworn off Hillary and joined an effort to draft Vice President Joe Biden to save the party from an unelectable (or, dare we say it, indicted) nominee.

Should they be worried? Sure. People in politics should always worry, and since she kicked off her presidential campaign by talking about being “dead broke,” Hillary has been a worry-generating machine for any rational non-Pollyanna Democrat who doesn’t live in a Media Matters for America bubble.

But is Joe Biden a serious Plan B? No. There is no Plan B.

First, the case for Democratic panic. We begin with the perception problem. I’m profoundly skeptical about polling results these days, but politics runs on them, and Democrats are looking at polls that suggest Americans as a whole view her as dishonest and untrustworthy — polls in which the numbers are getting worse as the months pass.



Each and every day, thousands of people lose their homes, are victims of abuse or die in senseless accidents. Children are diagnosed with cancer, fathers walk out on their families and mothers lose the fight against drugs. There is a lot of evil and misfortune in this world.

So, if you are wondering “Why does God allow suffering,” honestly, I don’t blame you.

Of all of the questions people ask about Christianity, “Why does God allow suffering” is one of the most difficult to answer, but also one of the most important.

Unsure of what to say, many Christians often just try to gloss over the question and give a canned answer. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t help anyone. A fair response is desperately needed, and today I have three.


The naked truth about Germany: Clothing is optional

BERLIN — The middle-aged German was enjoying cooling down in the waters of a rural lake when he was approached by a woman who had a request: Would he please put on a bathing suit?

"There are children around, after all," she said.

"Including my son, who's also without a suit," he replied. She splashed off, angry at the impasse, as another woman approached, nodded at the woman who was leaving, and noted, simply and using the slang term for West Germans: "Wessies. Prudes."

It's summer in Germany, which means nakedness abounds. In the cities, in the countryside, at lakes and beaches, in city parks, even sometimes in restaurants and certainly in yards where yard work needs doing, Germans who've shed their clothes are visible to all. Indoor public pools have "naked days." There are naked mountain hiking trails. In the winter, some places offer naked sledding.

Yet while the German newspaper Die Welt once famously observed "Only naked are all Germans equal," the reality is that 25 years after East and West Germany became a single Germany, one great divide remains: Those who spend their days naked, and those who don't.

The divide goes to the very top. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who grew up in the East, reportedly prefers nude bathing, though she hasn't since becoming the world's most powerful woman (those who have seen her swimming recently note that she appears almost embarrassed at wearing a suit, but the prospect of having nude photos appear on the front page of newspapers worldwide is a clear deterrent).

A 2014 survey of 11,000 people from 24 countries found nude bathing was most popular among Germans. The poll found that 28 percent of Germans said they had sunbathed naked on a beach. The numbers were similar in the very similar Austria, then dropped significantly to Norway and Spain (both 17 percent). Japan had the lowest numbers of nude bathers, 2 percent. A summary of the poll by the travel website didn't discuss nude bathing in the United States.

Old polls from East Germany noted 80 percent of East Germans bathed nude.


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Which Generation Are You?

Ideological billionaires sway universities’ agendas with big bucks

Two years ago, liberal billionaire George Soros gave $675,000 from his Open Society Foundation to support the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Civic Media.

“The MIT Center for Civic Media works hand in hand with diverse communities to collaboratively create, design, deploy, and assess civic media tools and practices,” the Center’s website explains.

The Center has worked to promote the Black Lives Matter movement through so-called digital activism, did a case study mapping out how the Trayvon Martin incident in Florida became a national news event, and has developed online tools for citizens to hold their elected leaders accountable for promises made on the campaign trail.

It has also developed undergraduate and graduate courses in civic media for MIT students teaching them about social movements and the media, among others and hosts a number of conferences, panels and writes publications espousing digital activism.

Mr. Soros’s foundation gave $26.4 million in grants and projects to U.S. universities in 2013 alone, just one of several ideological billionaires who are using part of their wealth to shape the agenda, research and curricula at the college level where the next generation of American adults are being informed.

Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmental activist, gave $40 million to Stanford University to create the TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy in 2009 with the mission of helping educate and train the next generation of leaders in sustainable energy.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a fierce gun control advocate, foundation has given to the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, which resides under the aptly-named John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Mr. Bloomberg has given more than $1 billion to Johns Hopkins’ various departments in his lifetime.

Liberals aren’t the only ones. On the right, the Koch brothers, Charles and David, have given more than $68 million to fund libertarian, free-market university programs from 2005 to 2013, with about half of those donations going to George Mason University.

Monies given to the MIT Center for Civic Media are used to teach, track and monitor how social media can influence the broader media dialog.

“There’s actually a bunch of different ways to make change. One way to make change is to pass laws and get them enforced. Another is to try to change people’s opinions directly, and that’s what I see a lot of people trying to do with digital activism they’re trying to change social norms, they’re trying to say ‘Look, in a country with a black president we believe we are post-racial, but we’re not. We have terrible bias and we have to learn how to see it,’” Ethan Zuckerman, the director of MIT’s Center for Civic Media, said in an August interview with NPR.


Worcester Attorney Bloxom To Retire; County Looks To Fill Post In Near Future

SNOW HILL – After nearly 40 years of practicing law in Worcester County, first in private practice and more recently for Worcester County, Sonny Bloxom will retire at the end of the year.

“There comes a time when it’s time for the younger generation to step up and take over,” Bloxom said.

The Pocomoke lawyer, who has served as the county attorney for the past eight years, plans to move with his wife to Florida after Christmas. His last day as a Worcester County employee will be Dec. 18.

“I’ve just come to the point in my life I want to retire and do some things I want to do,” Bloxom said. “I want to travel while I have my health.”


I Wonder How Many Liberals Will Give Me Crap About This Post?

Feds Tackle Illegal Guns In Baltimore

Baltimore is getting significant help from federal prosecutors in taking illegal guns off city streets.

Maryland U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein is vowing to aggressively prosecute some city gun cases to help Baltimore combat its crime surge.

Rosenstein notes federal sentences are often tougher than those imposed in state court with defendants usually having to serve the full federal term without the possibility of probation or parole.


Please pass this on to the appropriate people

Busy Day For First Responders In Ocean City

Busy Day For First Responders In Ocean City A 45-year-old man died around 5 p.m. today on the way to the hospital after...

Posted by The Dispatch on Saturday, August 29, 2015

These are the ‘Racist’ Words That Led to Reporter’s Horrific Murder on Live TV

Earlier this week the nation was left stunned when TV news reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman Adam Ward were murdered on live television by Vester Flanagan, a former reporter who claimed the motivation for his evil deed was to start a race war.

Flanagan claimed Parker said racist things, which is one of the reasons he targeted her specifically.

Well, we now know the list of phrases she used that ultimately sealed her fate, and to call them “racist” is absurd.


Salisbury’s Biggest Discount Shopping Event – One Weekend Only

Coastal Kids Consignment Sale Returns to the WY&CC September 10-12

Salisbury, MD – Coastal Kids Consignment offers area families the opportunity to sell, shop and save on high quality, gently used merchandise for infants to juniors and maternity.  Continuing its tradition, financial and in-kind donations will be distributed to Hope and Life Outreach Ministries (HALO) of Salisbury MD; Life Crisis of Salisbury, MD; Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center of Salisbury, MD and several other Churches and local shelters.
Preparing for the kids to go back to school and the fast approaching holiday gift giving seasons can put a crunch on any family’s budget.  Coastal Kids Consignment event has brought together thousands of ways to get what you need at a fraction of the price.  The one stop opportunity to find fall and winter season items at 60-90% off retail is a not to miss event! 
Shoppers will find numerous bargains on clothing, costumes, shoes, toys, baby gear, strollers, pack and plays, bounce chairs, sports equipment, outdoor play items and much more!  The 3 day consignment sale featured 130 local families and over 18,000 items for sale at the last Salisbury event and continues to grow in popularity. Laid out like a retail store, shopping is easy with items sorted by size and gender as well as similar item groupings that allow shoppers to find what they need quickly with minimal hunting.
What Shoppers need to know:
Thursday September 10th from 4m - 8pm       
Friday September 11th from 10am – 6pm (many items 25% off from 3 – 6pm)
Saturday September 12th from 9am – 2pm (many items 50% off all day)
Wicomico Civic Center, 500 Glen Avenue, Salisbury MD  21804 (Midway Room)

Free admission!  Cash, Visa/MC accepted. Shopping bags available.  Please leave all diaper bags & purses larger than 8 x 11 in your car.

Want to sell your quality merchandise? Log on to
Consignors earn 60 – 70% of their sales, set their own prices, do not have to be present to sell, can choose to discount or donate items and prepare tags with free, easy to use online software.  Receive a check within 7 days of event close.

I Bet You Couldn't Do This!

Here's a video from my day job yesterday at a community event....

Posted by Alan Jones, Realtor at Keller Willams Realty Centre on Sunday, August 23, 2015

We are now averaging more than one mass shooting per day in 2015

As of August 26th, the US has had 247 mass shootings in the 238 days of 2015.

For those keeping track, that's an average of more than one shooting per day.

These numbers are according to the Mass Shooting Tracker created by the anti-gun subreddit Guns Are Cool.

Wednesday morning's stunning on-air fatal shooting in Roanoke, Virginia of a television reporter and a photographer wasn't even the first shooting of the day. Roughly three hours earlier at 3:15 a.m., four people were shot during a home invasion in Minneapolis.


Governor Larry Hogan Announces New Leaders at MDTA and MVA

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today announced the appointments of new leaders at the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) and the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). The MDTA board this morning voted to appoint Milton Chaffee as the new MDTA executive director. Mr. Chaffee currently serves as administrator at MVA where he has provided leadership for 13 years in top management positions. Transportation Secretary Pete K. Rahn appointed Christine Nizer, who currently serves as the chief deputy administrator, as the new MVA administrator.
"Milton Chaffee has consistently demonstrated a commitment to highway safety and a readiness to embrace new technology. He has the public- and private-sector business experience, leadership skills, and know-how to take MDTA to the next level," Governor Hogan said. "Christine Nizer will ensure the leadership change at MVA is seamless, through her proven leadership in motor vehicle issues at both the state and national level."
In addition to his role as administrator, Mr. Chaffee has served at MVA in several capacities since 2002, including: the governor’s highway safety representative, chief deputy administrator, deputy administrator of operations, and director of employee and administrative services. In these roles, he has been responsible for all branch operations, the customer call center, vehicle emissions inspections centers, insurance compliance, school bus safety, and driver and vehicle policies, program, and safety. Mr. Chaffee understands the importance of meeting the needs of the business community, having spent more than 25 years in private business. His most recent position in the private sector was senior director of operations for YUM Brands Restaurant Company Mid-Atlantic Region. Mr. Chaffee holds a Bachelor of Science degree in consumer science and home economics from Miami University in Ohio.
Joining the MVA in 2006 as associate administrator for driver and vehicle policies & programs, Ms. Nizer quickly moved up in the department. She was promoted to deputy administrator for central operations and safety programs in 2010 and to chief deputy administrator in March 2014. Just this summer, she was elected to the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) Region 1 board. Ms. Nizer also serves as chair of the board of directors for the Driver’s License / Identification Verification Systems. Her other leadership positions include chair of the National Driver Registry Workgroup and chair of AAMVA’s Driver Committee. She is a 2011 graduate of the Leadership Maryland Program and was named the WTS Woman of the Year for 2014. In addition to her nine years at the MVA, Ms. Nizer has held management positions at the Maryland Public Service Commission, the Maryland General Assembly, and the Office of Homeland Security. Ms. Nizer earned a Master of Science degree in public policy from the Eagleton Institute of Rutgers University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Goucher College.

Today's Wildlife Photo 8-29-15

Three Black Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars feasting on a dill plant.

Historic Eastern Shore plantation, listed for $10.9M, to be auctioned

An 820-acre waterfront estate, built in the 1930s on the Eastern Shore, is going up for auction Oct. 1.

The auction has no minimum bid but the Grasonville property, known as Talisman Plantation, recently listed for $10.9 million, according to Premiere Estates Auction Co., which is handling the sale.

Over the decades, celebrities have vacationed at the plantation, including Hollywood stars, pro athletes, U.S. politicians and actress Grace Kelly, according to the auctioneer firm.


Why Biden Would Be a TERRIBLE President

With Hillary Clinton falling on her face (thank goodness!), Joe Biden has become a real contender for the Democratic party nominee.

Problem is, he’d be a terrible president.

For example, Biden:
Drafted the core of the Patriot Act in 1995
Voted for the war in Iraq
Is one of the key politicians inflaming the Ukraine crisis and provoking Russia … and his son stands to profit handsomely from the chaos
Falsely claimed there was “no doubt” that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons on its own people … when the facts were otherwise
Is the consummate insider, defending Wall Street bailouts and the Trans Pacific Partnership, persecuting whistleblowers, trying to outlaw encryption and privacy, and backing other corrupt policies
Can’t keep his hands off married women … even on national television

Postscript: Biden would also be the oldest  person EVER elected president.


Miniature Golf Team Challenge

Lies You Will Hear As The Economic Collapse Progresses

It is undeniable; the final collapse triggers are upon us, triggers alternative economists have been warning about since the initial implosion of 2008. In the years since the derivatives disaster, there has been no end to the absurd and ludicrous propaganda coming out of mainstream financial outlets and as the situation in markets becomes worse, the propaganda will only increase. This might seem counter-intuitive to many. You would think that the more obvious the economic collapse becomes, the more alternative analysts will be vindicated and the more awake and aware the average person will be. Not necessarily…

In fact, the mainstream spin machine is going into high speed the more negative data is exposed and absorbed into the markets. If you know your history, then you know that this is a common tactic by the establishment elite to string the public along with false hopes so that they do not prepare or take alternative measures while the system crumbles around their ears. At the onset of the Great Depression the same strategies were used. Consider if you’ve heard similar quotes to these in the mainstream news over the past couple months:

John Maynard Keynes in 1927: “We will not have any more crashes in our time.”

H.H. Simmons, president of the New York Stock Exchange, Jan. 12, 1928:“I cannot help but raise a dissenting voice to statements that we are living in a fool’s paradise, and that prosperity in this country must necessarily diminish and recede in the near future.”

Irving Fisher, leading U.S. economist, The New York Times, Sept. 5, 1929:“There may be a recession in stock prices, but not anything in the nature of a crash.” And on 17, 1929: “Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau. I do not feel there will be soon if ever a 50 or 60 point break from present levels, such as (bears) have predicted. I expect to see the stock market a good deal higher within a few months.”


Police/courts 8/28/15

Assaulting a taxi driver

Ocean City police officers arrested Timothy Emmart, 31, of Fort Meade, Md. for refusing to pay his cab fare and assaulting the driver on Aug. 21.

Police reported a taxi driving erratically by observing it make a sudden stop, then entering the sidewalk and eventually striking a fence.

According to the report, the victim stated he picked up Emmart and drove him to his destination before he refused to pay his $14 fare.

The victim allegedly told Emmart if he did not pay they were going to the police station and started heading towards the Public Safety Building on 65th Street.

Police reported Emmart started hitting the driver and he immediately pulled over to defend himself, but forgot to put the vehicle in park.
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Ben Carson: 'We Don't Need a Department of Veterans Affairs'

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said Wednesday that the Department of Veterans Affairs should be folded into the Defense Department to cut the size of the federal government.

"We don’t need a Department of Veterans Affairs," the retired pediatric neurosurgeon told financial guru Dave Ramsey on his syndicated radio show. "Veterans Affairs should be folded in under the Department of Defense. And it should be a smooth transition."

Carson also called for health savings accounts for veterans, allowing them to seek treatment at any hospital or medical center in the nation. VA centers also should address such specialized medical care as traumatic brain injuries, limb replacements and research.

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Spooktacular Basket Bingo

Biden Weighing His 'Emotional Fuel' for 2016

Vice President Joe Biden has reportedly confided to a group of Democrats that he's trying to figure out if he's got the "emotional fuel" to run for president.

The 72-year-old Biden, whose son Beau died from brain cancer in May, said he would have to commit his "heart" and "soul" to a White House run – but both are "pretty well banged up," CNN reports.

The call was supposed to have been closed to the media, The Hill reports.

"If I were to announce to run I have to be able to commit to all of you that I would be able to give it my whole heart and my whole soul and right now, both are pretty well banged up," Biden told Democratic National Committee members on a conference call Wednesday.

Biden said ultimately, he's got to decide if he has the "emotional fuel" in him, CNN reports.

The vice president also said he's making his decisions based on conversations with his family members.


REMINDER: Pocomoke City Police Back To School Picnic Is Tomorrow!!

Researchers Discover Water Trick for Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight? Here’s a simple trick that might help: Drink two glasses of water a half hour before every meal.

That’s the upshot of new research by the University of Birmingham that found obese individuals who drink 500 ml (about two cups) of water before eating lose more weight than others engaging in more complicated diet plans.

"The beauty of these findings is in the simplicity. Just drinking a pint of water, three times a day, before your main meals may help reduce your weight," said Helen Parretti, who helped conduct the study.

"When combined with brief instructions on how to increase your amount of physical activity and on a healthy diet, this seems to help people to achieve some extra weight loss — at a moderate and healthy rate. It's something that doesn't take much work to integrate into our busy everyday lives.


Kiss of Death: Disgraced Former Majority Leader Eric Cantor to Head Bush's Campaign in Virginia

Rejected GOP leader Eric Cantor will endorse Jeb Bush and become the co-chair of Bush’s presidential campaign in Virginia, according to Politico.

Cantor was rejected by his Virginia constituents in 2014 for backing a plan developed by Democrats, Republicans, and business leaders that would triple the nation’s huge inflow of migrants.

Bush is promoting a similar migration-boosting policy in his 2016 campaign.

Bush has picked Cantor—who is now working as an investment banker in New York—because of his ability to raise huge funds from business investors, Politico said. Cantor “retains a strong political network in Virginia and has enviable connections among Jewish business leaders who can be key supporters and donors,” says the Politico report.

In turn, Cantor’s support for Bush shows that “he’s making a play for a cabinet position in the next Republican presidential administration,” a source active in the Republican Party of Virginia told Breitbart News.


Gravis Poll: Trump Hits 40 Percent National Support

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump has hit a new high in national polling, leading his rivals with 40.1 percent support, according to a Gravis Marketing poll for One America News Network.

"It's surprising to see how fast Donald Trump has moved up in the polls since the debate," Robert Herring, Sr., CEO of One America News Network said. "Claims by media that Trump peaked in July have proven to be false."

The poll has Trump support up 9.3 percent from July 31 when he was at 30.8 percent, just prior to the first GOP debate on Aug. 6.

Here's how the rest of the field fared:

Things Sheeple Do That You Don’t Have To

Do you ever get that feeling like you’re surrounded by automatons, people who merely mimic life, without really living it?

Sheeple, as they may be called, are otherwise ordinary folks who’ve adapted particularly well to the workforce/consumer/obedience training agenda. They’ve been taught to be docile, foolish and easily led. They’re particularly keen at following mainstream narratives and adapting to group-think and group-behaviors. Almost criminally uninformed at times, they are predictable, obedient, gullible, and uninquisitive, always doing their part to sustain the cultural power dynamic by policing and enslaving themselves and staying focused on whatever tasks have been given them. The primary rewards for their acquiesence being comfort and the illusion of security.

Sheeple are everywhere, to be sure, but a tremendous counter movement is rising in opposition to this engineered madness. The amount of people waking up is truly inspiring, and a big part of this transformation is a growing awareness of just how much of what we do and what we think is not actually born of original thought, but rather instructed by cultural programs scripted by industry, government and the psychopathsat the helm of spaceship earth. Waking up from this is a certainty, once awareness of it kicks in.

Here are 3 things that sheeple do that you don’t have to…

1. Self-Sabotage

Like a vampire who must be invited to gain entrance into the home of his victim, much of the matrix is an invitation to indulge in self-destruction. It’s voluntary in many ways. Its traps are devised of appeals to ego, to tastebuds, to pleasure, and to our want of convenience and instant gratification… nothing we can’t live without. It sells things that taste sweet, at first, but ultimately prove impossible to quit and even more impossible to pay for.

Sheeple can’t say no, even when they know they are doing harm to themselves. They will consume whatever is presented to them, whatever is waved in their face the most frequently and the most fervently, consequences be damned. Sabotaging their own physical and mental health for the thrill of convenience and addiction to over-stimulation, sheeple will fall for just about anything. They’ll happily follow their tastebuds all the way to the doctor’s office, and gleefully sign credit card receipts until they’re totally sunken in debt.

But you don’t have to do any of this. You don’t have to work jobs you hate, you don’t have to watch television every night in a drooling daze. You simply don’t have to treat your body and mind with as much contempt as the controllers do. Your life is precious and worth protecting in every way possible.


City sees increase in bottles, broken glass on beach

OCEAN CITY — More visitors means more money, and also more nuisances, especially of a sharp, cutting kind.

City government staff and frequent beachgoers have noticed a gradual uptick this summer in the number of glass bottles, and broken shards thereof, on Ocean City’s beach.

“We don’t know exactly, but it seems that a lot more people are bringing glass onto the beach,” said Tom Dy, maintenance manager for the Department of Public Works. “It’s especially noticeable on weekends. I can’t tell you for a fact that people are drinking more, but we’re seeing a lot more glass bottles, including liquor bottles.”

Consumption of alcohol is officially forbidden on Ocean City’s beach, with a few rare exceptions for hotel bars that were serving on the beach before the city’s establishment of a public right-of-way in the late 1980s.


Pennsylvania Schools Start New Year Broke With "Minus $1 Billion" In Funding

While the markets had a brief, if historic, limit-down hiccup earlier this week, even if Black Monday is now long forgotten and stocks are mostly in the green for the week following another epic round of central bank intervention, yesterday the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials announced something far more troubling: Pennsylvania schools are starting the year "minus $1 billion" in funds.

The reason, as the association announced, yesterday was "the day that schools should receive more than $1 billion in state subsidy payments for Basic Education Funding, transportation payments and employee benefit reimbursements appropriated in the new state budget. However, the state budget impasse has prevented this state funding from flowing, creating financial uncertainty for school districts across the commonwealth."

In other words, absent state subsidies, the entire Pennsylvania educational system may collapse.


Christian's Head Allegedly Bashed By Muslim 'Refugees'

Blood-splattered Bible found lying next to victim

A judge on Monday unsealed the court documents of a grisly murder of a Christian man, allegedly at the hands of three Muslim immigrants in Portland, Maine.

In those documents, which had been sealed since the three men were charged Aug. 11, police said they found the brutally beaten body of Freddy Akoa lying on the living-room floor in his apartment. He was the victim of a savage attack that took place over several hours.

According to the autopsy report, he had cuts and bruises all over his body, with the fatal blows coming to his head.

Akoa, who had listed himself as a health-care professional on his LinkedIn page, had 22 rib fractures and a lacerated liver.

Akoa’s blood-splattered Bible was found lying next to his head.

Of the three Muslim assailants, at least two have common Somali names – Mohamud Mohamed, 36, and Osman Sheikh, 31. The third suspect is Abil Teshome, 23.

Portland has been on the receiving end of a steady infusion of Somali refugees over the past 15 years, and Mohamed and Sheikh appear to have been part of that community, although no mention of their national origin has even been mentioned in the local media.

Apparently it’s a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy with regard to Somali refugees in Maine, said refugee watchdog Ann Corcoran.

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Minnesota Taxpayers Lose Big On Somali-run Daycare Fraud

Since the Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) fully-staffed their new child care fraud investigative unit in the spring of 2014, they’ve worked with the FBI to shutter daycare centers around the state.

Of the cases that have hit the news since then, all have involved Somali-run businesses.

Khadra Abdisafad Hirsi, 47, was the director and co-owner of Ace Daycare Center in Eden Prairie. In February, Hirsi pleaded guilty to knowingly submitting fraudulent claims to the state of Minnesota’s Child Care Assistance Program. From November of 2011-May of 2013, Hrisi inflated the number of children using her daycare’s services and fraudulently obtained $300,000 in payments from the state of Minnesota and the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services. Earlier this month Hirsi was sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison and ordered to pay $300,000 in restitution.

Hirsi, who also goes by the name of Khadra Duale, was employed by the City of Eden Prairie as a part-time community services technician, also known as the immigrant liaison, from October 2003-September 2011, she was also part-time staff at the Eden Prairie community center. Hirsi was paid $284,944 in salary and $35,806 in health and dental benefits by the city during that time. She co-owned the Ace Daycare in Eden Prairie with her husband Mohamed F. Arab, although there were no charges against him. The Eden Prairie news called Hirsi and her husband “leaders in the Somali community” in a 2009 video interview featuring the couple.

They filed for bankruptcy this summer according to public records.

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Los Angeles Cops Fatally Shot Mentally Ill Man After He Reversed His Car On Them!

Extra openings of Route 50 bridge during Tuesday drive

The State Highway Administration has confirmed that an Annapolis-based contractor will be performing routine maintenance on the Route 50 bridge between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 1.

The bridge will be opened and closed several times during those hours. No lane closures are expected.

“It’s no more than one or two additional openings during that time period,” David Buck, SHA spokesman said.

The bridge shouldn’t be open any longer than what it would be if a vessel needed to pass under the bridge, Buck said.


Music Rejuvenates Alzheimer's Patients: Researchers

“Where words fail, music speaks.” That famous quote, attributed to Hans Christian Andersen, is being given new meaning by a growing body of research showing music has extraordinary healing powers for dementia sufferers.

A spate of new studies has found music can not only improve the mood of Alzheimer's disease patients, but listening to favorite songs also boosts their memories, thinking, and cognitive skills in ways scientists are just beginning to understand.

This month’s AARP Bulletin spotlights the latest in the emerging field of music therapy for dementia patients. Mental-health specialists say new studies provide compelling evidence that music is making significant gains in the treatment of Alzheimer’s — an incurable with no effective therapy.

“There is relatively strong evidence, with respect with music’s ability to affect behavior, such as reducing anxiety and agitation,” says Sarah Lock, senior vice president of policy, research, and international affairs at AARP.

Lock tells Newsmax Health the most exciting scientific findings show people with dementia who listen to their favorite style of music score better on tests of cognitive skills, including memory and learning.

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